It is the responsibility of every pilot and student as members of the Light Sport Flying School and Club (known as LSFS) to comply with the airfield rules and regulations as well as operating within the current law as defined by the ANO.

 Each pilot / student should read and comply with the airfield Standing Orders or operations manual plus the LSFS club By-Laws. It remains each pilots responsibility to fly within your licence restrictions/privileges and within current aviation law regulations plus Permit restrictions, maintain currency and medical requirements.

Any training pre payments and block payments are non refundable and non transferable. All invoices for instruction, Tests, Memberships, & Check Flights or Share Payments including monthly payments are due on receipt, there are NO credit terms. Non payment will result in loss of privileges and incur additional administration charges and an interest of 15% above base rate.

It is a requirement that ALL pilots/students are members of the LSFS club, dues are payable each year in April. Each member should complete the on-line form found on this web site with all their details including an emergency contact.

Bookings for instructional flights and private flights are not guaranteed by the LSFS.

Cancellation of bookings must be notified to other shareholders and deleted on the booking system  so that use of aircraft can be continued, cancellation of instructional flights needs to be confirmed to the instructor and cancelled on the booking system. Last minute no shows or cancellations may be charged.

It is a requirement that all students must purchase a share before flying solo. When purchasing a share, additional terms and conditions are contained in the shareholder agreements.

The on-line booking system is an external web page to LSFS and maintained by a third party, Club membership fee’s cover the cost of this service. All members of each aircraft group must be members of LSFS club and have paid dues. Failure to comply will result in the withdrawal of the aircraft from the booking system without notice.

Each group should appoint a treasurer and maintenance person responsible for the upkeep of the aircraft (it could be the same person but not recommended) Ideally the trustee of the group should be one of these. Each aircraft log books should be kept up to date on a monthly basis.

We reserve the right to exclude any member or deny membership to the LSFS

These terms are not exhaustive and may be amended at any time without notice.

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Terms and Conditions Light Sport Flying School