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Light Sport Flying School Wycombe Air Park (Booker)

Light Sport Flying School

Operated by: Steve Pike at Wycombe Air Park, Booker. SL7 3DP.

For Instruction and validations to NPPL microlight licence. Exams and GST ratings.

We don’t have a specific office at the airfield but meet in the lounge area for all briefings, whilst often at the airfield it is best to meet by appointment.


Contact: 07746 373637

CFI: (Microlights) Steve Pike

L.S.F.S is registered with the B.M.A.A and C.A.A as a training organisation.

Traditionally most light aircraft are hired out and you can proceed through training to licence. Once qualified you can then pop along to the school and hire the aircraft for an hour, sounds great but why do many pilots give up once qualified? Maybe because of availability, cost, checkout required if not flown in the month.

So what are the options? Well you could buy your own aircraft  that way you can fly whenever you want however the downside to that is you are responsible for insurance, maintenance, hanger fees or tie downs, landing cards etc.

At L.S.F.S we do not hire out our aircraft.

At L.S.F.S we train you on the aircraft that you can buy a share in, we can fly you at the normal hourly rate up until you are ready to fly solo at this point you can buy a 1/10th share. You will be flying in a group of similar minded pilots and students. A 10th share is a good number to share costs and still have good availability. Owning a share means you can take the aircraft out for the day or even a few days without any penalties, you just pay for the time its in the air.

The current cost of a share in this aircraft is


A Monthly fee of £50.00 (for maintenance etc.)

£45.00 per hour wet