Light Sport Flying School

Operated by: Steve Pike at Wycombe Air Park, Booker. SL7 3DP.

For Instruction and validations to NPPL microlight licence. Exams and GST ratings.

We don’t have a specific office at the airfield but meet in the lounge area for all briefings, whilst often at the airfield it is best to meet by appointment.


Contact: 07746 373637

CFI: (Microlights) Steve PikeL.S.F.S is registered with the B.M.A.A and C.A.A as a training organisation.

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Light Sport Flying School Wycombe Air Park (Booker) Click on picture for the booking  System. Only Members can  With a password

We have an on line booking system for each aircraft, members can book slots for private flights or for training as required.

The booking system is only available to members of the Light Sport Flying Club.

Booking System Light Sport Flying School and Club Membership

Booker Aviation web site. Link to the Wycombe Air Park Web Cam & Airfield Weather. Click Here

Other useful information for Pilots

Check before flying…Safety First

Use the pneumonic I.M.S.A.F.E

I = Illness (any illness or symptom that may affect flight)

M = Medication (Taking any drugs? E.g. Hay fever)

S = Stress (Home / work issues etc.)

A = Alcohol (drink within the last 12/24 hours)

F = Fatigue (Sleep and food)

E = Emotion (anything that is making you emotional)

This sometimes has slightly different interpretations but this sums it up if you think you are in anyway unfit to fly DON'T!

VFR Flight planning, NOTAMs, and Weather. Use SkyDemon. SkyDemon is an on line interactive map displaying your planned route, weather and NOTAMs. Do Not Fly without checking first.

Click on the logo for the SkyDemon web site

The ultimate place for weather, TAFs, METARs, 214 and 215 plates, go to the Met Office weather for Pilots.

Airfield Weather Flight Planning Met Weather CAA Fly On Track BMAA NPPL Weather Jack NATs French SIA V1 Flight Other Links Gliders

Aircraft manuals and documents…





Keep up-to-date here

Please Click Here to become or remain a member of the L.S.F.S.

It is mandatory for all students under training to have LSFS membership.

The aircraft Permit conditions state that ‘both the person receiving and giving instruction must be members of the same club’

It is optional for licensed pilots to be members, however during a revalidation full or a day membership is needed.

Click here toVid enter the videos page

You will find one or two interesting videos here, hopefully of interest anyway.

Keep a Lookout This will take you to a video about  avoiding a mid-air collision