Light Sport Flying School

Operated by: Steve Pike at Wycombe Air Park, Booker. SL7 3DP.

For Instruction and validations to NPPL microlight licence. Exams and GST ratings.

We don’t have a specific office at the airfield but meet in the lounge area for all briefings, whilst often at the airfield it is best to meet by appointment.


Contact: 07746 373637

CFI: (Microlights) Steve PikeL.S.F.S is registered with the B.M.A.A and C.A.A as a training organisation.

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Light Sport Flying School Wycombe Air Park (Booker) Take flying lessons and become a qualified pilot

We could say it’s easy! But if it was everyone would be a pilot. Each person is different and the learning process takes time and commitment, the minimum time to gain an NPPL microlight licence is 25 hours of training. More details on this and the training syllabus can be found on the NPPL page. Safety is the goal and we want you to be safe and enjoy flying. Over time we will help you gain all the skills you need to become an excellent and safe pilot. You will need to learn  about weather, airspace, communication and the technical aspects of the aircraft, but don’t worry it’s all fairly straightforward…

…We aim to make that experience fun and exciting.

How do I start?

First it is best to book a trial flight, this is part of the training syllabus (Exercise 3) and will count towards gaining your licence. You will be handling the controls and flying the aircraft, we will explore some basic manoeuvres as well as enjoying time in the air and the fantastic views.


Go ahead and book a 40 or 60 Min flight, either will give you a good first taste of becoming a pilot. The cost is just £95 for 40 minutes and £140 for an hour.

Then what? …

           … If you decide to continue and work your way through the syllabus to get your pilots licence, we will enrol you onto our on-line booking system where you book the slots that suit you, each sortie normally lasts an hour with a 30 min briefing before and after.

The instructor will confirm on the day of your booking if the weather is suitable, then arrive for your briefing and flight, after that we can discuss any areas that need work and move you through the training up to your first solo. So at first you just need to come in and get going, don't overload yourself it takes time to take it all in.

What next?

There are some exams to take, Air Law, Met, Nav, A/C Tech HPL and Radio RT. It is possible for you to self study and take exams when you feel ready. We offer ground school for each subject, this can be one on one but often a group of up to four is possible. During the ground school we will be able to give you a better insight to the subject from experience more than you will ever get from just reading about it. Please don’t be in fear of the exams we understand this may be something that you won’t look forward to but we will make it as painless as possible.

Before flying solo you will need to purchase a share in one of our aircraft (or buy your own) this you will need once licensed anyway, so we like you to take a share so you are familiar with the aircraft and once licensed you can use it for all you future flying. With six aircraft at Wycombe so far we have some forty plus shareholders. You don’t have to get a share until you are ready for solo, at first you will be flying with an instructor, it’s just once you are on your own.

You will need some personal equipment but this can be over time, e.g. headsets, charts, plotting equipment and kneeboard etc. You will also need a personal pilots log book, all your flights will be logged in this book and will be yours for life as your flying experience and history. We can also advise or supply any reference books you may need.

Current fees: From Feb 2018

Training flights are calculated on aircraft tacho time, this is the time from engine start to shut down.

60 Minute Trial Flight … £140.00

40 Minute Trial Flight …£95.00

£140.00 P.Hour or part thereof based on aircraft tacho time for all training flights

All flights are charged pro-rata at £14.00 for each .1 of Tacho Time (blocks to blocks), e.g. if you fly for .5 hrs it will be £70.00 etc. If you do a 1 hour flight the cost is £140.

Aircraft share in G-GLSA £8k plus £50 pcm, £45ph wet (you will need to have a share or your own aircraft before solo). At LSFS we do not hire out aircraft.

Instruction rate with a share or own a/c £75ph


Ground school ………………………£POA per subject but this can be reduced by the number in a group.

Exams ……………………………….£20 per subject

LSFS Club membership ……………£20 pa

Price includes all home airfield fees and fuel. LSFS is not vat registered.


You will need to get a medical certificate, this is a self declaration form from the CAA web site, go to the NPPL web site for all the info you need click here provided you don't suffer from any incapacitating medical issues you will be okay.