Light Sport Flying School

Operated by: Steve Pike at Wycombe Air Park, Booker. SL7 3DP.

For Instruction and validations to NPPL microlight licence. Exams and GST ratings.

We don’t have a specific office at the airfield but meet in the lounge area for all briefings, whilst often at the airfield it is best to meet by appointment.


Contact: 07746 373637

CFI: (Microlights) Steve PikeL.S.F.S is registered with the B.M.A.A and C.A.A as a training organisation.

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Light Sport Flying School Wycombe Air Park (Booker)

A Complete Training Package…

    …We offer a complete flight training package, training is to the NPPL syllabus,a well defined and structured format for lessons.

Training is to the NPPL microlight licence. See more about NPPL. (NPPL National Private Pilots Licence) Training is carried out on our EV-97 Eurostar SL microlight. As pictured.

This is a Czech designed aircraft by Evektor Aerotecnik who have been around for many years with a range of well proven aircraft. An aircraft with a proven safety record. We look forward to flying with you soon.

Safety Features…

    …The aircraft has all the latest safety features, a parachute recovery system that will return the aircraft safely to the ground in the very unlikely event of a structural failure. Wing tip lights and landing lights make us visible to other traffic as well as the latest transponder equipment. Powered by a Rotax 912UL 4 stroke engine with dual back up systems plus anti ice.

Instruments are the latest electronic display as shown with full GPS for navigation.

As well as all this the Eurostar is one of the quietest and economical aircraft flying today.

Instructors Steve Pike CFI Instructor/Examiner Pete Newman Instructor/Examiner

We are both very experienced pilots in both microlights and light aircraft and we both have examiner status. We enjoy getting out on fly-outs as well being available to instruct most days of the week.

Students will be flying with either of us and enjoy the benefit of our extensive experience. We can assist students with ground school prior to taking exams.


A full traffic controlled airfield with a tarmac runway. These are pictures of the aircraft we use for training.

Wycombe Air Park

This is the EV-97 Eurostar Microlight aircraft, two seat dual control, fully enclosed, modern instruments

Your aircraft

Following a strict  syllabus we will teach you to fly to NPPL Microlight licence. Safety parachute system fitted

Climb aboard

LSFS Galaxy GRS Flying Lessons A/C Share Members NPPL Info Book a Flight Contact


Please select below if you would like to book a trial instructional flight, this will be a dual training exercise, Ex 3 of the syllabus a great start to towards your PPL licence.



If you would like to purchase a gift voucher for a friend or relative please click below.

We offer 40 min or 60 min flights the recipient will get to fly the aircraft


We are the UK dealer for the Galaxy GRS parachute recovery systems.

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This school supports the British Microlight Aircraft Association. Click the link to find out more.”